28. Juni 2023

Zürcher Sekundarschulklassen können im Longbridge Camp während einer Woche (Montag bis Freitag) intensiv Englisch oder Französisch lernen. 

At Longbridge you wake up at 8:00 am and the breakfast buffet is from 8:15 till 9:00 am. At 9:15 the Brain Train starts. In the Brain Train you are in a group with about five people in it, you will just talk or play games in english so that you will get to know the language better. After that you get a 10 min break. At the beginning of the week you get to choose your morning activity. That could be baking,art attack, sports or circus.

After another break the Rock N Roll begins which is everyday before Lunch and Dinner. At Rock N Roll you sing about 5 different songs. Before we just sing the song the counselors will explain the meaning of each sentence. Before lunch, each group once had to do a meal presentation. After lunch we had a break and then library time for 30 minutes. After that we had our chosen activities that we did for 1 hour. Snack time was right after that and we always had fruits and some cookies to eat. After a few minutes break it went on with a second brain train for 30 minutes. On Wednesday after lunch we were hiking for about one and a half hours. The hike was very easy but still beautiful and the weather conditions were perfect for hiking.

Five minutes after brain train we had the second time Rock’ n ‘Roll for 30 minutes. In between Rock’n’ Roll and dinner we had a 10 minute break. Dinner starts at 6:30 and after dinner you will get your phones until 8:30 then you have to hand them back in. After handing your phones in you will have the evening program.

Every evening there will be another program such as playing games or having a campfire etc. 30 minutes before bedtime you get together in a small group with one counselor and do the roses and thorns of the day which means that you are gonna talk about what was good over the day and what was bad. At about 10:30 is bedtime.

Elin, Leonie & Jill, A2b